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medical products
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Medicine products 2002/2004

  • Praxismobilar
  • Diagnostic and therapy devices
  • Emergency medicine
  • Practice need
  • Consulting hour need

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I. Berends 

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With judgement of 12. May 1998 decided the regional court Hamburg, that one by the yield of a on the left of contents of the left side ifnecessary. also to answer for has. This can be only prevented - so the LG - thereby, that one expressly of these contents dissociates oneself.
We have on on the left to other sides in the InterNet put.
To all these on the left applies:
We stress expressly, that we have no influence on the organization and contents of the leftsides. Therefore we dissociate ourselves hereby expressly from all contentsof all left sides on and make themselves their contents not own. This explanation applies to all on yielded on the left of and for all contents of the sides, to those the banners or illustration on the left of lead.

As regards content person responsible according to §10 paragraph 3 MDStV:
 A.Clephas (address like on top)

Disclaimer of liability

The contents of this website are investigated with the greatest possible care and are implemented.
Mistakes in the treatment process are not still to be excluded.
You send tips and corrections please to the address performed here of Himed GmbH.

A liability for the correctness, completeness and actuality of these web pages cannot be taken over in spite of careful check.
Himed GmbH takes over in particular no liability, for possible damages or consequences,
originate from the direct or indirect use of the offered contents.

Himed GmbH is as a contents supplier for own contents which it holds ready to the use, according to the general laws responsibly.
Cross-references (" external links ") on the contents held ready by other suppliers are to be distinguished from these own contents.
These foreign contents come neither from Himed GmbH, nor has Himed GmbH the possibility to influence the contents of sides of third.
The contents of foreign sides to which Himed GmbH points by means of links do not reflect the opinion of Himed GmbH again,
but serve merely the information and the representation of connections.
Himed GmbH does not stick for foreign contents to which it points merely in the abovementioned sense.
The responsibility lies only with the supplier of the contents.

Should links show a defectiveness which bends to damage to the respect of the house rather
if a tip can be delivered any time moreover under

All contents published on this website (layout, texts, pictures, graphic arts etc.) are defeated by the copyright.
Every utilization not admitted by the copyright law needs more previously written approval of the respective suppliers.
This counts in particular to duplication, treatment, translation, line-to-store transfer, processing or reproduction of contents,
all or part, in data banks or other electronic media and systems.
The stress of press releases is permitted with reference.
The mirrors as well as the Downloaden of the website are prohibited.

The unauthorised reproduction or passing on of single contents or complete sides is pursued criminal and under civil law.

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Communication about e-mail
Communication via e-mail can show security gaps.
For instance, e-mails on her way can to the employees of Himed GmbH are detained by experienced Internet users and are seen.
Should we receive e-mail from you, we assume from the fact that we are entitled to an answer by e-mail.
Otherwise you must expel us expressly in another kind of the communication.

signed: Himed GmbH