With the help of the Mitochondrien every cell produces the cell fuel ATP*.
The Mitochondrien are built up after the collector principle, like our solar power stations. The mono chromatic Biophothonen "rhinoBeam" supply the Mitochondrien (cell power stations) with new energy. The cells irradiated with the monochromatischen biophotons can thereby produce more ATP* what again a stimulation of the selfhealing forces and immune forces caused.

        *Adenosintriphosphat (ATP)

In the cephalic part of the "rhinoBeam" device integrated permanent magnet works directly on weak cells. By the local pH-worth lowering it comes for a functional optimization of the same. White blood cells can become in large quantities produces and in the blood and lymphatic vessels ausgeschwemmt. A direct rise of the defensive strength is thereby reached. The double American Nobel Prize Laureate Linus C had relevant influence in the scientific grounds of the magnetic field therapy. The Pauling which proved that the iron-containing red haemoglobin Hämogiobin owns magnetic qualities.

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